YouTube tightens policies after controversial 5G interview sends internet into frenzy

YouTube strengthened its stance after a live-streamed conversation with the conspiratorial scientist David Icke, in which he connected the platform to the coronavirus pandemic, shook the internet earlier this week. According to the BBC, Icke falsely reported "the connection between 5 G and the prevalent health crisis."

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And when challenged to respond to news of 5 G masts being set on fire in England and Northern Ireland, he responded: "When 5 G succeeds and goes where they decide to push it, human life as we know it's done ... and people have to make a choice." Subsequently, some users called for more assaults on 5 G towers in the comments that appeared alongside the stream.
In addition to the above, the researcher believed that the coronavirus vaccine, when created, would contain "nanotechnology microchips" that would enable humans to be monitored. He said that Bill Gates-who is helping to finance COVID-19 vaccine research-should be incarcerated. His opinions were undisputed for most of the two-and-a-half-hour series.
Approximately 65,000 viewers viewed the divisive interview as it was broadcast, some of whom pressed the on-screen button to cause purchases and allow their live chat reactions stand out. However, YouTube only removed material at the conclusion of the session, despite being aware of the broadcast when it was already in motion.

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It modified its rules after the BBC asked why the video was permitted. "We have explicit policies that ban videos that advocate scientifically unsubstantiated approaches to avoid coronavirus instead of pursuing professional care, and we immediately delete videos that breach such policies when reported to us," a YouTube representative told the BBC.
"It involves conspiracy theories that say that the effects are induced by 5G. "Recommendations are reduced for borderline content that could misinform users in harmful ways. We will continue to assess the effect of such videos on cultures around the world. As a result, YouTube has confirmed that users who regularly violate the rules would not be allowed to use the YouTube Live app.

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