Trump uses the White House's preparations to plan to return to normal based on private research. BBC Globe

At the White House last week, President Trump stood in the Oval Office fewer than six steps from New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy (D). He asked small business owners to swarm behind the Resolute Desk for a picture shoot. His vice president visited a medical research facility with no face mask in violation of his decree.

Regular photographs reflected a feeling of optimism that life, at least for the nation's most influential citizen, is returning to the appearance of normality amid the coronavirus pandemic — a visible indication to the country that things are changing while Trump moves the economy upward.

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But, even as Trump's helpers indicated that he will quickly continue to fly on a daily basis, the fact is that the White House has produced a image of protection that is driven by exclusive exposure to the kind of large-scale monitoring of covid-19, a disease triggered by the novel coronavirus, that much of the nation remains without it.

Trump, Vice President Pence and their aides are regularly tested, and anyone visiting the White House campus to communicate with them is required to undergo on-site accelerated checks produced by Abbott Laboratories, which deliver results within 15 minutes.Pence told reporters, in the wake of a national uproar after visiting the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, and violating the regulations allowing all patients to wear masks.

It's a protection cocoon that doesn't occur anywhere else in the world. Governors and local officials have been scrambling with vital supplies; clinics and aged care homes, coping with the most needy, have been crying out for further testing; and staff at food stores and industrial plants are losing their safety to hold essential industries running.

Katie Smith Sloan, Chief Executive Officer of LeadingAge, a non-profit group that campaigns for the disabled, said she had never been evaluated since taking the Abbott exam at the White House.

Each guest's temperature is measured after entering the White House and then sent to the medical office in the Eisenhower office building for the Corona virus test, according to several people who attended.
Chairs were put farther apart to follow the informal gap rules, but Trump took small business leaders to the Oval Office to take pictures and delivered awards to the honorees while standing shoulder to shoulder with them in the Blue Space.

This may be the case in the White House, where the rigorous training policy has contributed to an atmosphere that the President and several of his key aides are secure enough to stop wearing face masks, even as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have suggested that everybody wear them.

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