Prince Harry Sells His Rifles and Gives Up Hunting to Please Meghan Markle

Nothing says "I love you" to a mostly plant-based animal rights advocate like selling your guns.

Prince Harry sold his handmade hunting rifles to another game hunter for £50,000, or just over $60,000, the newspaper The Sun reported. He did it out of deference to the wife of Meghan Markle, a conservationist and animal lover, sources say. Harry hasn't been hunting since he went on a wild boar hunting trip to Germany when the two of them were engaged in 2017.

Harry first learned to aim as a kid and once killed a one-ton buffalo, and took a shot of him with his prize kill. But in the years after he abandoned "sport" and became more educated, sources told the paper that he gave up shooting to appease Meghan, who is resistant to hunting.

Markle never claimed she was vegan, although when she spoke about her lifestyle in the past, it was about wanting to consume less meat. She's "very plant-based," she said to a columnist years earlier, amid rumors in England said she wanted to train her son as a vegetarian until she got Archie. In an interview with Best Health in 2016, Markle said, "I'm aiming to eat healthy through the week and only get a bit more freedom about what I'm getting into on the weekends. Yet it's all about balance at the same time.

The Uk press revealed last summer that Harry was supposed to have gone for "less meat and more fruit and vegetables," although Markle also claimed that she was trying to raise Archie that way.

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The recent report on Harry selling his weapons revealed that the deal took place around five months earlier, when he privately discharged two British-made guns — months before he and Meghan, 38, relocated to Canada and settled in Los Angeles.

A friend of the unidentified weapons buyer said, "He purchased them because he needed them, not because they belonged to Harry, but when he found out he was very choked.

"They are wonderful examples, and he's really happy with them, but he's not the sort of guy who likes to talk about the royal links," the source said.

Conservationist Dr. Jane Goodall said she was not shocked to learn that Harry had wanted to avoid shooting. Meghan Markle's friend, the 86-year-old animal lover, assured the Radio Times that she embraced Harry and his brother William as champions of the natural environment, the paper notes. At Christmas, Kate Middleton waited for Markle to depart and attend the annual pheasant hunt.

In August, it was claimed that Meghan may "fake a headache" to prevent searching for the Queen's annual Balmoral holiday.

Conservationist Dr. Jane Goodall, a friend of Markle's, recently told the Radio Times that Harry would stop shooting sports animals because Meghan doesn't like it.

"I guess Harry's going to quit because Meghan doesn't like hunting," she said. Shift the Herb.

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