Prince Harry gives up hunting for Meghan Markle by selling rifles

When Meghan Markle and Prince Harry exchanged promises, only the former actor was unwilling to completely change his life.

The life of the Duke of Sussex, 35, changed for the better as his wife forced him to give up some activities previously immersed in him, such as hunting.

Prince Harry gives up hunting for Meghan Markle by selling rifles
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According to a report by The Sun, the former king made a special deal for another hunter and sold two weapons from British weapons manufacturer Purdey.
The duke learned to hunt as a child and was familiar with the sport, but due to Megan's opposition to this practice, he tried to hunt as he recently allowed ski events with his teammates.
A friend of the new gun owner told the publication that Harry sold the guns five months ago.
He does not bought them because it belonged to harry but he bought them because he wanted them. But it was completely full when he learned. "
Last year, in August, it was reported that Meghan "would have a headache" to avoid going hunting in Balmoral during the Queen's annual vacation.
Recently, Dr. Jane Goodall, a close friend of the former suite star, told Radio Times: "I think Harry will stop because Megan doesn't like to fish."

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