NASA, SpaceX target historic spaceflight despite pandemic

NASA and SpaceX said Friday that they are moving forward with plans to launch astronauts into space from the United States' soil for the first time in nearly a decade later this month, despite the Corona virus epidemic.
Robert Behnken and Douglas Hurley, both members of the space shuttle fleet that terminated in 2011, will be released from the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida, on May 27.
If the mission is successful, the United States will achieve its goal of not having to buy seats on Russia's Soyuz missiles to give astronaut flights to the International Space Station (ISS).
This is also an significant step of NASA's latest business model: the Space Agency has invested billions on spacecraft construction contracts with SpaceX and Boeing, both of which would have to make six flights to and from the Station. It's International Space.

NASA, SpaceX target historic spaceflight despite pandemic
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This model is supposed to provide taxpayers with financial black holes for past programs, as well as some programs that have yet to come, especially the Giant Space Launch System missile that is supposed to return NASA to the moon, but suffers from cost overruns and delays in scheduling.
NASA Postal Director Jim Pridenstein told reporters that the SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule would be only the fifth class of US spacecraft. USA In bringing humans into orbit, after the Mercury, Gemini, Apollo and Space Shuttle programs.
"If you look at the world, this will be the ninth time in history that we put humans on a completely new spacecraft," said Pridenstein.
"We're going to do that right in the center of the coronavirus. I'll remind you why this is a top priority task for the United States of America."
NASA said Pinkin and Hurley, who have been training for the "Demo-2" mission for years, will join the International Space Station and stay there for a period of one to four months, depending on the date of the next mission. . Steve Stitch.
Crew Dragon can remain in orbit for four months (119 days).
Hurley, who was the pilot on a recent space shuttle mission, admitted it was "disappointing" that the launch was not a public matter, as the Cape Town Canaveral crowds were discouraged from watching the scene.
He said: "We will not have the luxury of our family and friends at Kennedy to see the launch, but this is clearly what needs to be done in today's environment."

Win for SpaceX

The mission is a major event for SpaceX, the company founded by Elon Musk, who also leads and founded Tesla.
His company, which started in 2002, has now overtaken the Boeing space giant, which failed its unmanned demo mission to its Spacecraft Starliner last year and will have to start again.
SpaceX, which has received billions of dollars from NASA since the late 2000s, has been sending shipments to the ISS since 2012, and has established itself as a pioneer in the private space sector thanks to its reusable missile, the Falcon. 9.
"I will feel some relief while in orbit, and I will feel more comfortable when they get to the station," Gwen said. "Obviously, I will start sleeping again when they return safely to the planet." Shotwell, the company's chief operating officer.

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