How Diana even after her death, caused hurdles for Camilla in the royal family

Lady Diana Spencer was one of the most loved public personalities of all time , having quickly won over the world when she joined the royal family. And for this cause, Camilla Bowles Parker, who has been part of the explanation why the late princess had to experience misery in her marriage to Prince Charles, was the focus of severe censorship.

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The Duchess of Cornwall had always been called flawed to integrate into the royals for not possessing the flawless appearance of Diana, and complications escalated for her as she was the 'other woman' in the union of Charles and Diana. The royal specialist states that the Duchess was met with some difficulties in setting up her charity organisations, because several of the projects that were dear to her core were still connected to her late princess of whales.

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Camilla always needed to be vigilant not to offend the audience by pretending to be behaving too much like Diana or attempting to fit into her shoes. Daisy McAndrew was quoted in a documentary on Channel 5 that, "All senior members of the Royal Family have their preferred charity. The charity they support, the topic they 're most enthusiastic about.
"In Camilla's situation, it was really complicated for her as so many of the things we think she truly cared for were linked to Diana. She needed to be very cautious not to take a peek at Diana 's face or Diana 's favorite topics or organizations," she said.
"It would appear, of course, like she was struggling to walk in Diana 's feet. It was a really tough line to navigate." Prince Charles and Camilla meet for the first time in 1971 and were subsequently married in April 2005.

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