Hailey Baldwin says her first few months of marriage with Justin Bieber were ‘guilt-ridden’

Over the last few days, Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin have taken over the Internet with back-to - back posts on their love life. And now the supermodel is back with some shocking information regarding her married existence with the Yummy rapper, describing her struggle for the first few months following her knotting. The 23-year-old, when questioning Hillsong's YouTube page, admitted that she had to contend with a tremendous amount of remorse throughout her life.
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"I place extra pressure on myself to be this nice person, to play this position of being like this well-looking, good-looking, good-looking person, and what I've done will contribute will getting married is just not possible. We all wish there were things that we never did, and we all wish there were choices that we didn't make and errors that we didn't do, "she added.

"But what I've found to be married is that any error I create and every wrong choice I create and all I make myself feel guilty is because I'm married because I'm a mom." "But at the beginning, particularly for the first six or seven months of my marriage, I was ridden with guilt. I wish I hadn't done that, "she went on to saying.

"I wish I 'd just stepped through this new, safe, perfect world, but what I've found is that it's just A, not possible, and B, we 're all guilty, and we're all embarrassed of the stuff we've done, but it doesn't have to dictate who we are, and it doesn't have to dictate me in my relationship," she said.

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