Dubai's Mega Event EXPO 2020 postponed by 1 year: BBC Globe

The Expo 2020 World Trade Fair, organized by Dubai, has been delayed by one year due to the epidemic of coronavirus and will be conducted from 1 October 2021 to 31 March 2022, said the Paris-based planner on Monday.

image source-Google | image by-Rita Tanios

The six-month, multi-billion-dollar global innovation exhibition, which is scheduled to be the biggest event ever conducted in the Arab world, is projected to draw around 24 million tourists from 20 October this year.

However, two-thirds of the members of the International Extension Bureau (BIE) voted in favor of the UAE's growing demand "allows all members to handle the effects of COVID-19 safely." "Expo 2020 Dubai is geared towards helping shape the post-pandemic environment and building a sustainable future for everyone," the Bureau said in a statement.

The pause further allows the World Expo 2020 to concentrate on a common appetite for innovative ideas in order to find approaches to some of the biggest problems of our day.

Dubai, a glittering city-state that is part of the United Arab Emirates and is considered to hold hundreds of conferences annually, has now wiped out a series of cultural and entertainment activities in the wake of a pandemic that has taken more than 246,000 lives across the world to date.

Unable to participate in a general assembly owing to disease constraints, the member states of the BIE decided directly on the decision.

Technically, the vote stayed open until 29 May, although the necessary two-thirds majority for acceptance of the postponement was met within a week of the opening of the vote on 24 April, according to the document.

We have agreed to keep the branding of Expo 2020 Dubai.

This will be the first World Expo to be conducted in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia (MEASA) area of the BIE, attracting 192 nations, including companies, multilateral organizations and educational institutions.

\Egyptian Expo 2020 Commissioner General in Dubai, Dr. Ahmed Magahri Deb: "Egypt appreciates the UAE and BIE government's efforts to host Dubai in 2020. Egypt is dedicated to a good event as well as it is dedicated to any measure taken or decided upon to ensure the health of both foreign and domestic tourists".

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