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It has been 20 days since the tragedy in New Zealand. During this time many writings were written, listened to and read to pay tribute to the philanthropic Prime Minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern. Education is today, he is in the second year of Intermediate. My son had said, "Abu, keep sending your articles in newspapers and magazines." When I was shocked and asked the reason, the answer was very reasonable. But these revolutions involve years of hard work for the conscious classes.
"Those were terms whose history convinced the writer to close the thread.".

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There is little to pay tribute to New Zealand's 38-year-old Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern. Everyone is expressing emotions according to their understanding and ability. At first you wondered what the importance of this little article would be about where high-minded articles were being published, but then your son's advice began to ring in his fingers and fingers at the computer's "keyboard".

At the time of writing this line, Rakim is remembering a poem about the newborn child of renowned poet Seher Ludhianvi, which states something like this:

 Neither you become Hindu nor Muslim
 You're Man's offspring, You'll become Man

The poem describes the views of Prime Minister New Zealand in addressing a large public gathering at the commemoration of the day of solidarity with the victims of the tragedy in their country.

He said that the real challenge today is that we are not protected from the atmosphere of hatred and fear. We must acknowledge the fact that we have never been tested in a situation like this before. Many foreign delegates were also present at the commemoration. Prime Minister Jacinda said that we can be a nation that is safe from such a situation.

Each of us must make a pledge that he will do all he can for this peace and reconciliation. The Prime Minister of New Zealand said on the occasion that the world today is trapped in the vicious clutches of extremism which requires hard work and struggle to get rid of. He said that the simple solution is that we have to move beyond personal boundaries. Thoughts should be based on humanity and not on ideas like color, race and religion.
It is not appropriate to repeat what she has done in the past as an expression of solidarity with the Muslim community, but it is important to mention how she went to meet the families of the Martyrs of Christ Church and How many steps have been taken to take care of the injured? They wear a scarf over their heads and have a great pin on natural grief.

Addressing the parliament of his country, he did not want to even mention the name of the Australian terrorist and said without hesitation that he is a terrorist, a criminal and an extremist. The ones will always be remembered. Readers should know about Prime Minister New Zealand that he is the leader of the left-leaning Labor Party, whose actions can prove to be not only a lesson to humanity but also a message whose example we have in history. Very rare.

While I have chosen the word of the living for Jasinda, while I think it is important for the people of progressive thought to have a lasting wind, they have set the example of discrimination of color, race, religion as humanity that is their own example. ۔ For example, through Facebook, a citizen sent a message saying that those who are injured are hungry and thirsty.
Soon enough food and other items were collected that the message didn't have to bother again. Then a Jewish woman sent a message of relief to all the affected women saying that if you want to make a purchase or travel and are single, do just one message. She boldly assures that she is a woman in need. Will travel with and will protect it in its entirety.

We should be clear that the actions taken by the Prime Minister of New Zealand to all citizens there were just and only humanitarian. These initiatives have well-defined progressive thinking that the state is not a protector of any one religion, but it is equally protective of the citizens, regardless of their religion, color, race and class. I wish we could learn something, but with our imagination it is all fuzzy because we consider the outward division to be true and belief.

Prime Minister New Zealand has actually tried to convey a great message to people all over the world, which is absolutely essential to understand. In a statement for the first time in history, the Jewish Council, in solidarity with the victims of the Crisis Church tragedy, said: "We all express solidarity with the Muslim family and unite to fight violent war, hatred and racism." Are.
Similarly, when mosques were closed due to security, the doors of all churches were opened for Muslims to worship freely. The lights did not stop there, but the lights of the Empire State Building in the United States, the Eiffel Tower in the French capital Paris and the Harbor Bridge in Sydney, Australia were turned off to show solidarity with the victims of this tragedy.
The national flag was lowered in Canada. How many examples of liberalism can be given? In order to bathe the bodies of martyrs, a New Zealander posted on Facebook that Sikhs need people who can bathe the bodies of these martyrs. There were rows of young people.
 As mentioned above, vehicles loaded with halal food arrived and queues of volunteers for food distribution were formed automatically. There was no distinction of religion or race.
Most importantly, as a result of the solidarity shown by the Prime Minister of New Zealand, all that was followed by the citizens was bathing the bodies of the martyrs, protecting the wounded or their families, all these passions. There was goodwill and philanthropy which is considered the ascension of a liberal developed society. We are offered a lot of tolerance and tolerance, but such examples of tolerance and tolerance are rare.
It is commonly heard that volunteers who came to the aid of victims in the event of floods or earthquakes cut off women's earrings to grab gold ornaments and cut into the pockets of people injured under several wounds or debris. We must compare the difference between the mental state of people in a religious society and the mental state of a liberal society and the mental state of the people.
Until today, New Zealand has been and will continue to be an ideal country for peace because the Prime Minister of New Zealand and its citizens have set such an example. Weapons laws have been changed to allow deadly weapons to be banned. These laws came into force immediately. The Ideal Prime Minister said that we do not want this kind of incident to happen again in our peaceful population.
We cannot allow the general use of automatic weapons. The government will buy from people who have these types of weapons for 100 to 200 New Zealand dollars. There, Democratic Congresswoman Alexandra embarrassed American politicians for not being able to do anything about it, even though such incidents happen every day in the United States. Right-wing American rulers seem to only protect the interests of arms dealers.
The ideal humanitarian Prime Minister of New Zealand, who is proving to be a plywood wall against the peace-destroying move in his homeland and doing as much as he can to show solidarity with the victims, should also keep an eye on his political critics because sometimes Humans cross boundaries because of their sincere thoughts. Liberalism creates a sense of tolerance, but to a certain extent, a human being should take every step, even if the next day the tragedy goes to the hospital for the wounded of a church. What a great thing to start a conversation with, but keep a balance in your politics. The same is necessary.

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