In India, Coronavirus patients leap to death from hospital building

A 50-year-old Covid-19 patient allegedly died Monday from the seventh floor of a hospital that was hospitalized in India, where he was admitted.

In India, Coronavirus patients leap to death from hospital building
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The man from the Trauma Care Center on the Victoria Hospital campus was positive for Covid-19 on April 24 and was admitted to the Covid-19 isolation room at the Trauma Care Center. Hospital sources said that although he had no symptoms of Covid-19, he was sent to the intensive care unit on the seventh floor where he suffered from kidney complications.
The patient, who was not completely bedridden, is said to have left his intensive care unit and managed to open the latch of the emergency exit from where he jumped at around 8:30 a.m.
Sources said he landed on a tin surface of the patient waiting area below.
Hospital staff heard a loud noise around 8:30 am and rushed to find the man lying on the tin roof. He died instantly.
But police said they had not yet concluded whether it was a suicide case or an accident.
The man had no history of travel to countries affected by Covid-19 and was in contact with any Covid-19 patient. He developed a severe acute respiratory infection and was tested for Covid-19. He also had pneumonia, hepatitis C, and chronic kidney disorder.
The man is the 20th Covid 19 patient to die in Karnataka. Nevertheless, the Health department and Family Welfare confirmed that the man's death had occurred due to case which is not related to the nutrition.

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