A goat born with two heads: Wisconsin

Pictures and videos of an unusual goat born on a Wisconsin farm have gone viral on the Internet. The goat was born with two heads. Jocelyn Nowiske of Wittenberg, Newcastle Farms, said the goat was born April 5. It was named after the two-headed Roman god Janos.
The goat has two mouths and four eyes simultaneously, Nawaske said. Yet it is healthy.

image source-Google | image by-967theeagle.net

Doctors can't say for sure about the goat's inner eye healing, but its outer eyes work.
"Except for two heads, this goat is normal," Naviske said. They just help him. They help as much as they can. Naviske said that a large number of people are watching Janus on his farm's Facebook page. Naviske has been running her own goat farm for 6 years. She did not think that it was possible to breed goats with others. She said that she had heard of two-headed cows and lizards but had never heard of goats.

What is two headed Living Organism?

A polycephalic entity may be conceived of as one being with a supernumerary body component, or as two or more entities with a single body. 

Two-headed species (called bicephalic or dicephalic) and three-headed (tricephalic) creatures are the only kind of multi-headed monsters to be present in the real world and to be formed through the same process as the three-headed monsters. twins with monozygotic twin embryos.

There are two ways of twinning in humans that can contribute to two heads being held by a single torso. The two eyes sit side by side in the dicephalus parapagus dipus. Inside craniopagus parasiticus, the two heads are strongly intertwined, but only one head has a functional torso.. Survival to maturity is uncommon, but happens in certain types of dicephalus parapagus dipus. There are also instances in folklore of multi-headed creatures. In heraldry and vexillology, the double-headed eagle is a popular emblem, although it is recognized that no such species has ever lived.

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